The Des Moines Marina


I talk a lot about all of the neat stuff in Seattle proper but there many amazing things in the towns that surround the city. One of the prettiest places I’ve found is the Des Moines Marina, about twenty minutes south of Seattle.

Since I do not own a boat I do not use the moorage services offered by the marina but that is only one of the reasons to visit. The main reason I personally like to go is for the walk—it’s a short but gorgeous walk along the dock area before turning to follow a jetty out into the Puget Sound. I like to go down there just to catch a breath of fresh sea air and some space, along with having a nice place to walk where I can see water and boats rather than construction and cars, which seem too common in the areas that I usually trek. Plus there is something wonderfully stress relieving about just seeing a new vista once in a while.

In January I was at the Marina when I grabbed this shot. As you can see on a sunny day Mt. Rainer is visible and, if you’re looking the other way, you can also spot the Olympic mountains. If you like to look at boats this is an excellent watching spot. Along with the vessels docked at the marina, a mix of sailing yachts of various sizes and fishing boats, you can also see some of the ferries from Seattle and other sailboats moving around on the water. You’re also close enough to SeaTac airport to see planes either taking off or landing depending on the direction that the airport is flowing that day (On some days the planes take off over Des Moines and come in for landings over Seattle. Other days they switch this pattern).

Parking is free at the Marina in the marked public parking areas. Driving directions are at if you would like to come on down and check out the walk at the next sunny day we have! Or a rainy day…it doesn’t really matter. No matter the weather the Sound is always pretty and it is always a real treat to get out and walk along it for a bit!