Return and Photos from London, England

-Blows off the dust- Well…this hiatus was slightly longer then I had expected it to be. A week-long trip to London came and after jetlag passed work began in earnest. A laptop that had been hauled to London with the plan to make daily updates became unused when the wifi would only work on my phone so those updates were done on Facebook. I also found out that the Facebook account I did have linked to this site is not operating correctly so I will look into that the first chance that I get. I am also working on an ‘fan’ page on Facebook that will not require friending or anything like that.

Still there is no real excuse for my long silence so, instead of rambling on, I shall offer you photos from my trip to London. More, including many from the Victoria & Albert Museum, will be uploaded onto my Flickr account which is linked here: That site will be updated around May 10th so, at moment, there are no London photos on that account.